the sun always rises the next morning


No matter what today brings I take solace in knowing that the sun always rises the next morning. This mornings sun, however, brought with it a sad day. I woke early to the sound of sirens and the view from our hilltop home showed traffic backed up for miles. Somebody was in too much of a hurry this morning and will not see another sun rise. The stretch of road the winds its way through our countryside has become the scene of too many incidents of late.  When will people learn to slow down, when driving and while living.

the cold moon


As the Cold Moon rose last night I braced myself for what it is bringing with it.  The temperatures that are forecast are not supposed to rise above freezing and the wind has begun howling with no end in sight.  It is so hard keep Spring in the front of my mind when I have no desire to step foot outside onto the freezing ground.  I know this time is important for the Earth, I know it needs to rest and to gather its strength for the seasons ahead, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

every new beginning is some other beginning’s end


I find the turn of the calender, the “New Year”, to be a very confusing time.  The majority of the world (in my world at least) is celebrating the date change while the rest has realized that the wheel has never stopped turning.  With the Solstice we have already turned the corner and have come back into the light. I have seen the end of my winter hibernation coming closer and that is what is important to me.  I’ve watched the Winter Sun track across the sky and it is still so low, yet every day it creeps higher.

and then I was betwixt

I feel the woods calling me, and I think I’m ready to go back, to follow the green path.  For too long I’ve been away.  I find myself at the crossroads of who I’ve been
and who I’m going to be.

And that is where I now find myself, betwixt.